Visualization of the apartments
Buying process
What is needed for having an apartment in Kuban complex?

As a beginning you have to meet the project and the sights of the complex and Bulgaria.

After that you need to choose an apartment and suitable for you plan of payment, as you notice the possible special offers.

To choose the desired free apartment you may contact us on e-mail or phone and we will confirm your choice.

Our highly skilled managers will answer all your questions, will help you with your choice and will acquaint you with all needed papers, and our lowers will help you with papers filling in.

We offer you three different furnishing, but on request we can place the companys contact phones for individual furnishing at your disposal.

As an additional service we can help you with fitting up your apartment with all needed things started from units till bed lines.

Contact us and if needed we can meet you at the airport of Varna or Burgas.

Hurry up! The apartments in complex Kuban are limited, only 40, and each day the free for sale decrease!