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Why especially complex Kuban
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Why there is sense to have property in Bulgaria and especially in Kuban complex?

- The complex, on which territory the Kuban apartments are located, is situated in the very centre of one of the biggest Black Sea resorts and only 150 meters away from the central beach

- The Hotel Kuban complex – the world famous symbol of Sunny Beach

- Thanks to the variety of the services offered, stay in the complex is cozy and nice

- Buying an apartment in the Kuban complex you will ensure unforgettable relaxation for many years

- If you get an apartment with the purpose to rent, its convenient situation in the very centre of the resort will provide you for perfect capital retrieval and our good trained team will help you with the management of your property

- Very big plus is the location of the apartments near the Aquapark Kuban. For apartments` owners we have lots of special offers and discounts on our services

You can appreciate the beauty of our complex seeing the photos placed on the left side of the text as well as you can visit the official site of the Kuban hotel